[For beginners] Explain carefully what to prepare before using Vape

[For beginners] Explain carefully what to prepare before using Vape

What do beginners need to prepare before using the vape?
Before using the purchased VAPE, there are some things to prepare. We will introduce the preparations before use, taking into account each precaution. To prevent accidents and breakdowns, start using VAPE correctly and safely.

1. Charge the battery

VAPE is battery powered, so you need to charge the battery first. There are two types of VAPE batteries, a battery replacement type and a built-in battery type. The capacity of the battery differs depending on the type of VAPE. Basically, the larger the capacity, the longer it can be used continuously, but there is also a difference in the time it takes to complete charging.

The built-in battery type can be charged simply by inserting the microUSB cable into the main unit, so it can be charged compactly anywhere, such as by connecting it to a computer. Of course, if you use a conversion adapter, you can charge it from an outlet, but be careful about the voltage when handling it.

In the case of the battery replacement type, it is necessary to prepare a charger dedicated to the lithium battery separately. You can easily get lithium battery chargers in the smpo disposable vape wholesale online store.

2. Replenish the liquid

Next, you need to replenish a liquid called a liquid. VAPE enjoys changing this liquid into water vapor in a part called an atomizer, so you need to be careful when handling the atomizer part. There are two types of atomizers, one that puts the liquid from the top and the other that puts the liquid from the bottom, so check in advance.

Although it is a liquid replenishment method, it is not necessary to remove the atomizer of the type that puts the liquid from above from the main body. There is a small hole in the center of the atomizer's liquid inlet to absorb water vapor. If liquid gets into this part, it may cause a malfunction or the liquid may get into your mouth directly, so be careful when pouring the liquid along the side of the atomizer. Liquids containing nicotine that can be personally imported from overseas and obtained are extremely dangerous because they can cause acute nicotine addiction just by touching them. Even if it's not a nicotine-containing liquid, be careful when refilling it.

There are various types of liquids, from fruit-based to cigarette-flavored and cola-flavored. Let's prepare and enjoy what you like according to your mood at that time.

What is the basic operation method of VAPE?

Let's see how to operate VAPE immediately. The details of the operation method vary depending on the model, but basically there is no big difference. First, turn on the power of the VAPE main unit. How to turn on the power differs depending on the model, such as the one that turns on the power by pressing the button several times. Then, while the power is on, hold down the button (called a puff button or fire button) and inhale the steam. Press the button only when sucking, and be careful not to hold down the button when not sucking, as it may cause parts such as the coil to break down. Some models, such as "COOL BLACK", do not have a power button and automatically generate steam when inhaled. Once you have finished smoking, turn off the power, and when you smoke again, turn on the power. Leaving the power on is dangerous as it can cause malfunctions in your bag or pocket.

As mentioned above, VAPE can be easily enjoyed by anyone with very simple operations.
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