SMPO OLA Disposable Vape Review

SMPO OLA Disposable Vape Review

    SMPO OLA is the latest disposable vape developed by SMPO. SMPO was established in 2016 to develop high-quality simple and stylish pod vape. SMPO OLA is a simple and compact disposable e-cigarette. Despite the positioning, the pods of SMPO OLA can be replaced, so you can choose a variety of flavors according to your preferences. How about we have a shortly view on SMPO OLA.


  • Dimensions: 100.2mm*23.4mm*13.4mm
  • Battery capacity: 380mAh
  • E-liquid capacity: 2ml
  • Nicotine: 2%
  • Resistance: 1.2Ω


The shell of the SMPO OLA disposable vape wholesale is metal material treated with baking paint, and the pocket-sized feels very suitable in the hand. The front of the battery is a silver-gray SMPO OLA logo with a small LED light below. When you vape, the LED light will turn on a solid white light. The bottom of the battery has a preset air intake and a type-C charging hole, which can be quickly charged. Considering the light and handy size and weight of SMPO OLA, its battery capacity and e-juice capacity are not particularly large, but as a portable disposable device, it can fully satisfy your daily vaping.
Although SMPO OLA is a disposable e-cigarette, it only distinguishes flavors by cartridges, and the cartridges are all universal. The pod shell of SMPO OLA is transparent colored plastic, but the capacity of e-juice inside or other internal structures cannot be directly seen. The inside of the pod seems to be wrapped with another coating of plastic material. The bottom of the pod and the battery are connected by magnet, just like an ordinary refillable e-cigarette. At first, I was confused about the product definition of SMPO OLA. It is defined as a disposable cigarette, but you can keep the battery and only replace the pods like other cartridge-changing devices. But considering its price, there is no waste of cost if you throw away both the battery and pod, so it can definitely be a disposable vape. In addition, SMPO OLA pods can also be adapted to Vaporesso XROS series. For those who already own the XROS series, they can only buy SMPO OLA pods to enjoy different delicious e-liquids, which is undoubtedly a cost-effective deal.


SMPO OLA comes in 8 flavors, namely: Purple Grape, Red Energy, Pink Lemonade, Strawberry Cheese Cake, Blue Razz Lemonade, Double Apple, Mango Ice and Watermelon Peach. Most of the flavors are bright, clean, accurate, and tasty. Below are some of my feelings about these flavors.

Purple Grape: It's a sweet, ripe grape juice with a little tartness mixed with a medium cool flavor, one of my favorites.

Red Energy: It’s hard for me to describe this flavor, because it tastes exactly like Red Bull. I'm not a fan of energy drinks, but I think this one tastes better than drinks.

Pink Lemonade: I think Pink Lemonade has always been a classic SMPO flavor, and when you don't know what flavor is right for you, Pink Lemonade will never let you down. The flavor is equally sweet and fresh, mixed with the aroma of lemon, softly blowing through your mind like a gentle wind.

Strawberry Cheese Cake: This flavor is definitely my favorite. Perfect strawberry flavor mixed with a little cool menthol, and you get a distinct cheesecake flavor on the exhale. Every puff comes with sweet and fragrant.

Blue Razz Lemonade: This is a very strong flavor. The first puff is like a heavy hitting in the throat, while the cool menthol taste refresh your mind.

Double Apple: It combines the tartness and sweetness of apples nicely, resulting in a fresh and delicious apple flavor with a mild minty cooling sensation which makes a delightful vaping experience.

Mango Ice: This is also a very classic flavor. You can feel the sweetness of ripe mangoes and the sourness of green mangoes in this flavor at the same time, it is a mixed taste.

Watermelon Peach: Toothsome and juicy watermelon and peach with medium cooling flavor. The watermelon taste will be more pronounced, and when you exhale, you can taste the exact and fresh peach flavor. It has a mild sweet taste.

SMPO OLA is a classic MTL device. With preset airflow at the bottom and a well-sized mouthpiece design, SMPO OLA delivers a tight draw. There are no strange whistles when puffing and the delivery of vape is silk and smooth, resulting in an impeccable MTL vaping experience. The use of mesh coil makes every sip of SMPO OLA very cool and rich of flavour. The nicotine of SMPO OLA is 2%, which is a good choice for some people who are new to e-cigarettes or who want a less high nicotine content.
I have a Vaporesso XROS 2, so I tried connecting the OLA pod with XROS 2 to see if the flavor changed. Both XROS 2 and SMPO OLA bring a tight draw when I adjust the airflow of XROS 2 to a small hole. XROS 2 will deliver a warmer puff, but in general it's not much different from SMPO OLA.
Thanks to the ingenious internal structure and pre-filled cotton coil design of SMPO OLA, SMPO OLA has no trouble of leakage at all. I think this is one of the most important factors when you choose a satisfying e-cigarette. There are some refillable e-cigarettes where the leaked e-juice is often seen at the magnetic connection between the cartridge and the battery, which is very annoying. But this is not the case with SMPO OLA and greatly improve the vaping experience. 

I personally love the SMPO OLA, both the accurate, impressive flavors, and the optimal MTL experience it provides that far exceeds expectations for a disposable e-cigarette. SMPO OLA is a product with a simple design that is very easy to vape for beginners. The rechargeable design is also very convenient, so you don’t need to worry about the battery running out before the e-juice is exhausted. I strongly recommend this product.


Pod can be adapted to Vaporesso XROS series
Compact size to carry around
Type-C rechargeable battery
Rich and delicious flavors to choose from
Classic MTL hit not too tight or too loose
Cost-effective device

Can't directly see the capacity of e-liquid



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