3 Reasons Why Vape Pod System Is the Best Alternative for Smoking

3 Reasons Why Vape Pod System Is the Best Alternative for Smoking

Smoking hurts almost every part of the body and is also a significant reason for several diseases, let alone the number of deaths caused by smoking. For example, in the US, 480,000 die annually from cigarette smoking. The causes, such as HIV, illegal drug use, motor vehicle injuries, alcohol use, and firearm-triggered incidents, combined take fewer lives than smoking alone. 


For reasons to keep healthy, people want to find alternative and healthy ways to quit smoking that help cope with anxiety, boredom, and depression. Let us see other common substitutes down below, including but not limited to the vape pod system. After that, you will get which is the best option to break the addiction and habit of smoking. 


Three Common Alternatives for Smoking

Here we briefly discuss other options to quit smoking, such as cigars, shishas, and the vape pod system.


  1. Cigars

Cigars are rolled bundles of fermented and dried tobacco leaves that are suitable for people to smoke. Cigars consist of three essential parts to bring special experiences, which have been highlighted below:


  • First is the wrapper, which is the observable outer cover leaf. 
  • Underneath the wrapper comes the binder, which is the tobacco leaf. 
  • Finally, the tobacco type for the desired flavor resides in the filler part. Notably, it is the binder that holds the filler tobacco in place.


Though cigars are suitable alternatives for smoking, the evidence provided by CDC has shown that regularly smoking cigars will cause irreversible health effects. 


  1. Shishas

Shishas consist of a bowl with a tube attached to it, and through the mouthpiece of the tube, its consumer inhales the smoke. It contains several ingredients, from dried fruits and tobacco to molasses and glycerin, while offering different flavors: strawberry, mint, apple, and so on. 


Nevertheless, the point to be noted here is that the CDC claims that one hour of shisha smoking is equivalent to inhaling one hundred to two hundred times the amount of smoke one can inhale from a single cigarette. 


  1. Vapes

Here comes the least harmful alternative, which is none other than the vape, an electronic cigarette, or an e-cigarette. It is because vapes generate substantially low levels of harmful carcinogens and other toxic compounds that may harm humans. 


In this way, vapes are popular nowadays because they neither burn tobacco nor produce the most harmful elements in tobacco smoke. Among various vapes available in the market, vape pod systems are unique choices for people who want to quit smoking, making them popularize nowadays.


Why Vape Pod Systems Are the Healthiest Way to Quit Smoking

The popularity of the vape pod system is not an accident. Vape pod systems provide numerous benefits that can ease the user experience. Not only that, vape pod systems have become the healthiest alternative to quitting smoking according to the following aspects:


  • Safer

Cigarettes made with regular tobacco contain 7,000 compounds, the majority of which are poisonous. However, according to CDC, for people who are not pregnant and smoke, vapes, such as vape pod systems, bring potential benefits and are safer to them if vape pod systems are used as complete substitutes for tobacco products. 


  • Better User Experience

One thing that sets vape pod systems apart from other smoking alternatives is their easy-to-operate and portability functionality. There is no need to have prior training to use it. Instead, one only has to insert the pod into the device, tap the activation button, and enjoy inhaling various flavors. In addition, vape pod systems are immensely portable, and light in weight, and one can conveniently put them in a pocket thanks to their small size.


  • More Choices

Vape pod systems come with various designs, appearances, and flavors that can satisfy different users’ demands. For instance, SMPO, a professional vape supplier, provides the best vape pod kits in different designs. You can not only find the innovative designs of Chinese legends and other simple appearances with colors vary but also get the ideal flavor that will delight you the whole day. 


Who Is the Most Reliable Vape Pod System Supplier?

After considering a variety of substitutes for smoking and the factors that make the vape pod system the superior option, it is time to choose the most reputable supplier of vape pod systems currently available on the market. 


SMPO, a leading pioneer in providing high-performance vape pod systems, is a reliable choice for you. Our hot-selling vape pod systems, including SMPO YOOFUN, SMPO KI, and SMPO KII, win worldwide appreciation for their distinctive merits. Our superior vape pod systems are cost-effective choices that are not only affordable but also bring you an impressive throat hit. 


Therefore, please take some time to hear how we may help you with vape pod systems, and we will never disappoint you. 

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