What is vaping?

Vape, aka electronic cigarette, is a substitution for smoking. Vaping is the way you inhale vapor created by e-liquid vaporization, instead of inhaling smoke produced by cigarette burning. Usually, a battery provides power to the heating coil so that the e-liquid can be vaporized to produce vapor.

What are the different vape products?

The types of vape products are usually known as Cig-A-Likes, Vape pens, Box mod vape, Pod systems, Pod mods, and disposable vapes. There are 3 main components in a vape product: Battery, Atomizer, and E-liquid.

Cig-A-Like: the first generation of vape products. They were made to look and feel very closest to a real traditional cigarette.

Vape Pen: Usually comes with a replaceable vaporization pod and is designed with a slim pen look.

Box Mod: Popular and known for its impressive power, multi-features, and smart personalizations, they are often heavier and bigger in shape. Box mod users can adjust their wattage and power the sub-ohm tank creating impressive vapor, and that’s why Box Mod users usually are called cloud chasers.

Pod System: Very compact and convenient for vapers out. They are not powerful as a box mod user, smaller body comes with lower output. It is not functional so perfect for beginners to start.

Pod Mods: An idea that finding the balance between a box mod and pod system. Not heavy as a box mod kit but also more powerful than a pod system.

Disposable Vape: A device is thrown away after use. A Disposable vape usually comes with limited puffs and concentrated nicotine satisfaction. They are prefilled and affordable. Most of the time you don’t need to charge it, but now as more people looking for huge puff devices, there are massive disposable vapes in the market that need to recharge in order to meet the user demand for huge puff yet still slim design.

Is vaping healthier than smoking cigarettes?

Yes of course. The vapor inhaled by the vaper is from e-liquid vaporization. Eliquid is made of water, nicotine, flavorings, and a propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin base. Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical but not toxic, and other ingredients are very common used in the food industry. Focusing on smoking, when we light a fire to a cigarette, the tar, and combustion that will harm our health will happen. Although vaping is not a totally safe product, it is still much healthier than a traditional smoking cigarette.

Can teens under age 18 legally vape and buy there product?

Different country has different legal age regulation, but usually between 18-21. In the vape industry, we will suggest users should buy vape products over 21 years old.

Is vaping in the UK regulated?

Yes, Vaping in the UK is definitely regulated. But all vape products sold in the UK market should meet the requirements of the European Union Tobacco Products Directive(TPD) regulations. The package of the products should contain the WARNING notification, and the e-liquid inside the pod should be no more than 2ml. The UK Tobacco and Related Product Regulations published in 2016 implemented the TPD in full.