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MTL Disposable Vape



The newly launched MTL vape, SMPO POP, differs from other disposable electronic cigarettes. The brilliant appearance and the mesh coil with excellent flavor make SMPO POP very popular. SMPO POP is the best choice for those transitioning from smoking to vaping. MTL vapes are designed to provide a tighter, more restrictive draw that replicates the sensation of smoking, and bring more rich and mellow flavor.

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The launch of MTL vape SMPO POP has enriched the SMPO disposable vape product line. SMPO POP, as an MTL vape, offers 5% nic-salt for the perfect throat hit. 850mAh and 6ml vape juice deliver 2500 puffs, 2500 puff disposable vapes satisfy long-term vaping. The bottom of the SMPO POP has a rotary adjustment air hole, which can precisely adjust the air intake and bring a variety of mouthfeels. The mesh coil inside the disposable vape pods perfectly releases the excellent taste of e-liquid. SMPO POP contains 8 flavors to choose from: Pink lemonade, Purple grape, Red Energy, Double apple, Mango ice, Strawberry cheesecake, Watermelon Peach, and Blue razz lemonade.


• Airflow adjustable

• Up to 2500 puffs 

• LED indicators 

• Mesh coil for ultra flavor


1. Dimensions:Φ28 x 114mm

2. Battery Capacity: 850mAh

3. E-liquid Capacity:6ml

4. Resistance: 1.2Ω

5. Puffs: up to 2500 puffs

6. Nicotine: 5%


Pink lemonade, Purple grape, Red energy, Double apple, Mango ice, Strawberry cheese cake, Watermelon Peach and Blue razz lemonade.