SMPO CP01 is a new disposable pod kit from SMPO. CP01 consists of two parts, the prefilled pod and battery. When you consumed the pod, you can keep the battery and replace the pod only. The pods can be sold separately, so you can choose various flavors according to your preference. Here are some of my brief review about CP01.



  • Dimensions: 28mm*27mm*107mm
  • Battery capacity: 750mAh
  • E-liquid capacity: 10ml
  • Nicotine: 2%
  • Resistance: 8Ω
  • Wattage: 15w



The SMPO CP01 disposable pod kit has a gradient-colored plastic shell that feels very good in the hand. There is a small LED light at the bottom of the battery. When you vape, the LED light will turn on a pure white light. The bottom of the battery has a preset air inlet and a type-C charging port for quick charging.The SMPO CP01 is not only lightweight and convenient, it has a battery capacity and e-liquid capacity of 750mAh and 10ml, which is a large capacity in a disposable vape, so you don't have to worry that it will run out of power or vape juice very soon.

Although the SMPO CP01 is a disposable e-cigarette, it only distinguishes flavors through the cartridges, and the cartridges are universal. The SMPO CP pod is pure black, and the e-liquid capacity or other internal structure inside cannot be seen directly. The bottom of the pod and the battery are connected by magnets, just like a regular pod kit. It is worth noting that the CP01 not only has an air hole at the bottom, but also one on the side. And the SMPO CP Pod has an air hole on the side as well. When you align the air hole on the CP Pod with the air hole on the side of the CP01 battery, you get more airflow, allowing you to feel the RDL vaping. If you rotate the pod in 180°, the air intake is reduced and you will get an MTL vaping, which means you can switch between RDL and MTL by simply rotating the pod.




SMPO CP01 comes in 8 flavors, namely: Mix berries, Straw-lush gum, Grape jelly, Strawberry ice cream, Lemon candy, Vanilla custard, Peanut butter and Cranberry Grape. All of the flavors are bright, clean, accurate, and tasty. Below are some of my feelings about these flavors.


Grape jelly: It's a sweet, ripe grape juice with juicy taste mixed with a medium cool flavor, one of my favorites.


Tropical mix: It’s a mixture flavor of mango, pineapple and tangerine, coming with plenty mint. This flavor is very strong and impressive.


Lemon candy: When you don't know what flavor is right for you, lemon will never let you down. The flavor is equally sweet and fresh, mixed with the aroma of lemon, like a gentle breeze.

Strawberry ice cream: Perfect strawberry flavor mixed with a little cool menthol, and you get a distinct creamy flavor on the exhale.


Mix berries: This is a very strong flavor. The first sip is like a heavy slam in the throat, while the cool mint flavor clears your head.


Mango juice: This is a very soft mango juice flavor, not particularly cool, but a little sweet for me.


Cranberry Grape: The aroma of cranberry fills your mouth instantly and brings a soft grape aftertaste. Every puff comes with sweet and fragrant.


Straw-lush gum: Toothsome and juicy watermelon and strawberry with medium cooling flavor. The watermelon taste will be more pronounced, and when you exhale, you can taste the exact and fresh strawberry flavor.



The SMPO CP01 is a disposable vape with a simple but efficient design. SMPO CP01 has a unique airway design that allows you to freely switch between RDL and MTL. The use of a mesh coil makes each puff of the CP01 soft and rich in flavor. CP01 has a nicotine content of 2%, which is a good choice for some people who are new to e-cigarettes or It is a good choice for some people who are new to e-cigarettes or want to have a less high nicotine content. CP01 is completely free of leakage thanks to its clever interior and pre-filled cotton coil design. I think this is one of the most important factors when choosing a satisfactory e-cigarette. There are some rechargeable e-cigarettes, and it's very annoying to see e-liquid leaking from the magnetic connection between the pod and the battery. This was not the case with SMPO CP01, which greatly improved the vaping experience.




 I personally love the SMPO CP01, both for its impressive taste and for the smooth draw of RDL or MTL it offers, which far exceeds what one would expect from a single-use e-cigarette. SMPO CP01 is a simple design product that is very easy for beginners to snort. The rechargeable design is also very convenient. I highly recommend this product.




Easily to switch MTL to RDL by rotating the pod

Compact size to carry around

Type-C rechargeable battery

Rich and delicious flavors to choose from



Can't directly see the capacity of e-liquid

Easy to stick to fingerprints


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