Amazing Vape Tricks You Must Know

Amazing Vape Tricks You Must Know

The reason for the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes is not only that it is healthier than traditional cigarettes, but also because it can bring a better way to ingest nicotine, and the huge vapor is also a highlight that can’t be ignored. Whether you are a novice or an experienced vaper, you can enjoy the dense clouds brought by e-cigarettes. The massive amounts of clouds from vaping can also allow you to perform some vape tricks. In this guide, we will introduce a few simple but very interesting vape tricks that will definitely impress your friends.
Before introducing the vape tricks, we would like to show you how to blow massive clouds. Bigger clouds are better at helping you achieve all kinds of vape tricks with ease. Compared with the compact disposable vape pen, I recommend you to use the box mod with higher power. The cloud brought by the box mod is larger than the general vape pen. At the same time, you need to open the air let-in enough to ensure sufficient air to generate more clouds. Then you just take a deep vape and blow: here is the big clouds.

  • The Ghost

The Ghost, also known as "Snap Inhale" or "Mushroom Cloud," is one of the easiest vape tricks to learn, even if you're a newbie to vaping. In just three simple steps, you can master this trick.
  The Ghost
Step 1: Take a puff on your vape device and let the vapor stay in your mouth for a few seconds.
Step 2: Squeeze the vapor you inhaled and exhale it, while imagine that there is a gas cannonball in your mouth and you are about to fire it. This step takes some practice, and after you try it a few times, you'll understand how to quickly exhale a circular puff of vapor.
Step 3:Immediately inhale all the vapor back into your mouth, where it will appear as a little “ghost” of vapor.

  • The French Inhale

The French Inhale is one of the most widely known vape tricks, and it's also the basis for many vape tricks. The French Inhale is also a pretty easy vape trick.
 The French Inhale
Step 1: Take a puff and put the vapor in your cheek.
Step 2: Slowly open your mouth while holding your breath, try not to exhale or blow the vapor out of your mouth, but let it slowly eject out of your mouth. You can push your jaw forward to let the vapor go up instead of forward.
Step 3: Use your nose to inhale the vapor coming out of your mouth. Unlike The Ghost, The French uses your nose to inhale the vapor from your mouth up as much as possible, which looks like a mustache made of vapor.

  • The Bane

The Bane takes its name from the villain Bane in Batman, because the vape trick is identical to Bane's mask. The Bane is actually derived from The French Inhale, with only a little changes. If you've learned The French Inhale, I'm sure The Bane will be easy for you as well.
 The Bane
Step 1: Take a big puff as much as possible and hold the vapor in your mouth.
Step 2: Just like making a The French Inhale. Hold your breath and let the vapor slowly release from your mouth, inhaling in the vapor with your nose.
Step 3: Gently press your upper teeth against your lower lip to let the vapor eject through the gaps between your teeth. If you want to make it look cooler, grin a bit and you'll see a perfect Bane mask.

  • Blowing an O

Blowing an O is a very classic trick that is very popular among smokers and vapers. In spite of not knowing anything about e-cigarettes, you've probably seen this trick. People often mistakenly believe that Blowing an O is an easy move because it is so common. Although it may seem easy, it takes a lot of practice to breath out a beautiful smoke ring for a beginner.
 Blowing an O
Step 1: Inhale as much vapor as you can and keep it in your mouth not the lung.
Step 2: Make your lips an O shape. The tighter your mouth is, the smaller your O will be.
Step 3: Use your throat to squirt the vapor out of your mouth like a gentle cough. If you exhale too hard, the O will spread before it comes out of your lips, and if you exhale too gentle, the O will not form in the first place, so you need to find the perfect balance by practicing. 

As e-cigarettes become more popular, you'll find more great vape tricks. And when you learn these vape tricks, you could impress your friends and enjoy vaping better. We hope this guide has given you a better understanding of these amazing vape tricks.



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