Are Disposable Vapes Safe

Are Disposable Vapes Safe?

With the development of technology and society, vaporizers, vapes, or e-cigarettes are gradually known. E-cigarettes, which originally appeared as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, have been sought after by plenty of smokers. But there are still many misunderstandings about e-cigarettes, including the most popular disposable vapes, especially the safety of disposable vapes. Studies have shown that the use of disposable e-cigarettes is far less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes. The innovation of atomization technology in recent years has made e-cigarettes safer and less harmful than traditional tobacco.

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about disposable vapes is that e-cigarettes are just as harmful as tobacco cigarettes, because they all contain nicotine. It is even believed that e-cigarettes contain more harmful chemicals. Nicotine is addictive, in fact, the most harmful to human body in traditional tobacco cigarettes is not nicotine, but the tar and carbon monoxide and other as many as 4,000 kinds of harmful substances. The main components of e-liquid are PG, VG, nic-salt and flavorings. No second-hand smoke will be produced from vaping. Therefore, it is unconvincing that e-cigarettes contain more harmful chemical substances than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Another misunderstanding people have about vaping is using of e-cigarettes can cause "popcorn lung disease". Popcorn lung is an occupational disease of American popcorn factory workers. By analyzing the living and working environment of the patients, the investigation agency found that the main cause of their lung damage was a chemical called diacetyl. Diacetyl, the main ingredient in margarine flavors, can cause lung damage if inhaled in large quantities after heating. Due to prolonged exposure to heated popcorn, popcorn factory workers inhaled large quantities of heated diacetyl, causing severe and irreversible lung damage. However, as a food flavoring, diacetyl is recognized by various countries. As long as it is not excessively ingested, it will not cause great harm to the body. Due to the characteristics of the use of e-liquid, heating and atomization are essential during the vaping. Traditional tobacco cigarettes will reach a high temperature of 800°C-900°C when smoking. At the same time, the typical operating temperature of e-cigarettes is only 200°C. And this greatly improves the safety of electronic cigarettes. Now, countries have also taken relative measures for the use of diacetyl in e-cigarettes. Diacetyl has been comprehensively forbidden in United States and European Union. It is prohibited to use in e-cigarette juice. Additionally, there is currently no evidence linking popcorn lung with other compounds used in e-cigarettes.

In addition, some people will worry about the battery safety of e-cigarettes. As everyone knows, if a battery is thrown into fire, or charged improperly, there is a high chance of an explosion. If you had common sense, you would know this and wouldn't do it. Only some counterfeit companies and counterfeit e-cigarette sellers will use low-safety batteries, so we recommended that you purchase e-cigarettes sold by authorized merchants. And the key to avoiding any harm from disposable vape wholesale is to follow their user manual. On the warranty card, many merchants will give you the following advice:

  • Please do not refill the juice of disposable e-cigarettes at will.
  • Do not use batteries that are not compatible with their models.

If you use it properly, there are basically no safety hazards associated with disposable vape. You can enjoy the wonderful taste of a disposable vape until it runs out.
For a huge number of smokers, e-cigarettes are undoubtedly an effective life-saving way, because the one-time success rate of “cold turkey” without auxiliary means is less than 3%, and the essence of e-cigarettes is a nicotine replacement therapy. The success rate of quitting smoking (note that it is quitting cigarettes, not nicotine) increases to 70%. The inhalation of the main carcinogens of cigarettes - tar and soot - can be reduced to 0, and nicotine is simply inhaled through PG/VG vapor. There is no doubt that cigarettes are lethal and have become the leading cause of death in middle-aged smoker. Most comments on the Internet are based on the so-called knowledge, experience of some non-professionals and are irresponsible speculation. But there is no dispute: e-cigarettes can reduce weak-willed ex-smokers, especially the sickly elderly, the possibility of developing lung cancer.




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