How to Clean Vape Coils Properly

How to Clean Vape Coils Properly

Many people who begin to use vape tanks have no idea why their sub-ohm tanks start to taste strangely after a while, or why the tank always looks dirty. In fact, cleaning your vape coils is very important, although coils are consumables, proper cleaning can greatly increase its lifespan and deliver you a better flavor. Cleaning vape coils is not as difficult as it seems, and hopefully after reading this guide, you will understand the importance of cleaning vape coils and how to properly clean your vape coils.


Why Should You Clean the Vape Coil?

Coils are one of the important components of e-cigarettes, just like batteries, which will affect the lifespan with use. But coils don't last as long as batteries, they are fragile. Your vape coil will burn out within seconds if the coil is not fully saturated with the e-liquid before vaping.

Cleaning your vape coil is the easiest way to get the best vaping experience. The ingredients in e-liquid generally don’t stain your device, but the residue from e-liquid atomizing can build up and ultimately affect the performance of your device. Vegetable glycerin, some dark fruit juice flavoring, and especially sweet flavors, are all things that can make coils stick. Coils that stick together will deliver lower flavor and vapor, and maybe bring a burnt taste. 

Cleaning the coils can extend your vape coils’ lifespan. Taking it a further step, keeping the coil clean means you can reduce your overall vaping cost because you don't have to replace your e-cigarette or a new coil as often.


How to Clean Your Vape Coils Like A Pro?

Many vapers will wipe their vape coils every day because if they use the high VG e-liquid, their coils will get a sticky build up very quickly. If your e-liquid tastes sweet, the e-liquid will become more viscous under the high heat.

It's worth to take a little time every day to wipe down your vape coils. If you don't, the sticky residue left by the e-liquid will turn dry and hard on your coils, in addition to making your e-liquid tastes badly and probably burns your coils. Cleaning your coils and tanks is very necessary if you change e-juice flavors frequently. Mixing different flavors of e-juice is likely to result in bad vaping.

 Although you can't completely revive your vape coils, you can keep them in good condition by cleaning them. If you haven't cleaned your vape coils in a long time, soaking them will be a good option. Soaking your vape coils can bring a deeper clean, and you can soak the coils in alcohol, vinegar or lukewarm water if you prefer. Soaking your vape coils overnight can effectively dissolve stains on the coils, and remove even tiny corner stains as well. Soaking it with alcohol is the best choice because it won't leave a strange smell even if you leave it out for a long time. But if you're in a hurry, soaking for a few hours will also efficient for cleaning your vape coils.

It's worth noting that if you use vinegar or alcohol to soak your vape coils, you'd better rinse them with water before using them to avoid the e-juice reacting with the vinegar and bringing a strange flavor. After soaking, you need to leave your vape coil on for a while to make sure it is completely dry. If after you have thoroughly cleaned your vape coil it still doesn't bring a good vaping, you should change a new coil even though your old one still looks brand new.


Our aim is to help you understand the importance and how to properly clean your vape coils. Properly cleaning your vape coils can give you a better vaping experience, both tastefully and visually. Still, vape coils are consumables, and cleaning them alone won't always keep them in good condition, so you need to replace them in time for best vaping experience.

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