How To Use a Disposable Vape Properly

How To Use a Disposable Vape Properly

For some people who have never been exposed to e-cigarettes, it is normal to feel uncomfortable when they first start using e-cigarettes. Many novices do not realize the difference between e-cigarettes and traditional tobacco cigarettes, so that it is difficult to obtain a better vaping experience. Disposable vape is the easiest vaping device, and even people who know nothing about vaping can easily understand it. Here we want to briefly introduce disposable vapes and how to use them properly. A little deeper understanding of disposable vapes may make your vaping journey even more wonderful.


What is a Disposable vape?

Generally speaking, the vaping device is the vaporizer. You use it to inhale nicotine, just like smoking. However, e-cigarettes and smoking are very different. First, e-cigarettes are healthier because the toxic chemicals they contained are much less than traditional smoking.If you are new to e-cigarettes, using a disposable vape is a good option. Disposable vapes are usually small, portable, and easy to vape. These types of e-cigarettes contain more concentrated nic-salt, which allows you to get a sense of satisfaction from vaping. Although e-cigarettes are designed to mimic the smoking experience, they are less of a hassle. You don't need a lighter to get started, it's ready to vape whenever you want. 


How to use a Disposable vape?

When you smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes, you are also inhaling all the harmful chemicals except nicotine. But when you vape e-cigarettes, you don't have to worry about the harm caused by tar, carbon monoxide and other toxic substances. There is a big difference between smoking tobacco cigarettes and vaping, and you need to avoid vaping like smoking tobacco cigarettes.

First of all, you can't take a quick sip of disposable vapes, or your vaping experience will be less than fantastic and the e-liquid may leak out of your mouth. The second is to avoid continuous vaping or vaping for more than 10 seconds at a time. Only 3 to 5 puffs at a time and vaping steadily can prevent the e-cigarette from overheating. It's best to give the device some time to cool down before taking the next puff.


Use a Disposable Vape Properly in 4 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Make sure everything works fine with your disposable vape

Before you start vaping your disposable vapes, make sure your device has sufficient battery and e-juice capacity. Also, make sure that the mouthpiece and air let-in are not blocked by rubber plugs or stickers. If your disposable vape has an adjustable air hole, you can adjust it to cater to your preference.


STEP 2: Activate your device by taking a few quick puffs of your disposable vape

We recommend that you take 3-5 quick puffs on the device before you start enjoying your disposable vape. With a few puffs, you can be sure that your device is not dry burning, and also allow your disposable vape to be activated, for a smoother and steadier nic-salt delivery.


STEP 3: Inhale the vape slowly and steadily

Draw the device slowly and steadily until your mouth is full of vapor. When your mouth is full of vapor, you can hold it in your mouth for 3-5 seconds before inhaling it into your lungs or swallowing it. Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes, when you use e-cigarettes, you can absorb nicotine from your mouth mucus membrane, nose and lungs. 


STEP 4: Wait for a bit of time to feel the nicotine hit

Traditional cigarettes usually only take 8 seconds to get the best feelings of nicotine, or what is known as a pleasant nicotine hit, but e-cigarettes tend to take longer to deliver the same feelings. Although it will take you a little more time to get used to vaping, given the benefits of a disposable vape, I'm sure you'll get used to it in no time.


With some introduction of disposable vape, I believe that using disposable vape must become easier for you. E-cigarettes can bring a more satisfied nicotine hit and reduce other harmful substances brought by traditional tobacco cigarettes. We have reason to believe that using disposable vapes can bring you a more pleasant vaping experience.

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