Novice to Vaping? Different Types of Vapes You Should Know

Novice to Vaping? Different Types of Vapes You Should Know

The past few years have witnessed a common social phenomenon that an increasing number of people recognize that using a vape is becoming a gratifying means to quit smoking. With the continuous innovation in the vape industry, different types of vapes have come to the fore and fascinate people. In this condition, many novices who have not been exposed to vaping are attracted to join the market and start a profitable business. 


However, the common dilemma that most novices confront is how to choose the best vape among different types of vapes. In order to help you figure out this doubt, this article will explain different types of vapes that are acclaimed worldwide and recommend the best vape supplier. Scroll down to get something more.


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What Is the Vape and Its Main Types?

The vape is a device that can heat up an e-liquid, which will quickly cool into an aerosol of tiny vapor, droplets, and air. Instead of inhaling smoke, the user imbibes vapor, which can bring an impressive sense and please the user. As for the components of vapes, most vapes consist of an atomizer, a battery, a cartridge, a drip tip, etc. 


In addition, different types of vapes come with disparate vaping types, which include:

  • MTL: Mouth to Lung, suitable for pod systems or people who want to quit and find a substitute for smoking. 
  • DL: Direct to Lung, favored by people whoprefer vapes with huge clouds. 
  • RDL: Restricted Direct Lung, a uniquesuction(vaping) experience between MTL and DL.


Nowadays, it is effortless to find different types of vapes on the market, including box kits, pod mods, disposable vapes, pod systems, etc. However, not all available vape types are advisable for you. If you are pursuing a satisfying user experience with easy-to-use functions, it is wise to choose disposable vapes and pod systems, which receive vehement compliments among different types of vapes. And we will further discuss their pros to help you form a comprehensive understanding.


What Are Disposable Vapes and Their Selling Points?

Disposable vapes are designed with the characteristics of smaller, thinner, and easier to carry around. People think highly of their pocket-friendly features but do not compromise the user experience. Unlike some disposable vapes that are non-rechargeable, SMPO, a leading pioneer in the vape industry, provides users with refillable and rechargeable disposable vapes, making the product more cost-effective. 


Except for the significant merits mentioned above, the disposable vape still possesses the following pros:

  • Convenient to use
  • Portable
  • Varioussuction(vaping) methods to satisfy your preferences
  • Large battery capacity to ensure a long-lasting experience
  • Multiple flavors
  • Reliable resistance and airflow control
  • Anti-leaking


It is worth mentioning that you can find types of disposable vapes at SMPO. For instance, if you prefer rechargeable disposable vapes that come with ultra-flavor delivery and large e-liquid capacity, SMPO MAX is a trustworthy decision. Or, if you are keen on large puffs and adjustable airflow, which can be regulated from MTL to RDL, SMPO MESH NEX will never disappoint you. Moreover, SMPO OLA, SMPO MESH, SMPO UNI, and other disposable vapes will also give you a premium vaping experience for a long period.


What Are Pod Systems and Their Merits?

Pod systems, which have the flexibility of power and liquid capacity, have risen in popularity among different types of vapes. Pod systems have large, powerful life but are still portable like disposable vapes, making them ideal choices for novices. Since they are less complicated to use and provide a more cigarette-like experience, pod systems receive worldwide acclaim nowadays.


In addition, pod systems have the following distinctive merits that make them stand out from the crowd:

  • Fast-charging abilities 
  • Impressive flavor through dual coil heating
  • Pocket friendly
  • Capable resistance and airflow control
  • High VG
  • Impressive throat hit
  • Anti-leakage structure


To mention it, pod systems from SMPO, including SMPO YOOFUN, KI, and KII, fulfill your diverse requirements. Whether you are searching for smart coil recognition, which can easily switch suction(vaping) methods from MTL to RDL, or finding the most cost-effective and anti-leaking pod systems, we can do it all and provide you with the best vape pod system 2022


SMPO: Your Trustworthy Vape Supplier

As aforementioned, you must have clarified how different types of vapes benefit you in numerous ways. Therefore, it is time to know the best vape supplier, SMPO, to start your vaping experience. 


With years of continuous hard efforts and innovations, we at SMPO are now in the leading position for atomization products. We are constantly dedicated to providing different types of vapes at the highest quality and reasonable prices. Therefore, you can rest assured of the performance of our vapes as they delight tremendous people with their exclusive quality, flavorful, intelligence, and convenience. 


For more information about our hot-selling vapes, don’t hesitate to contact us now. Our professional sales team is ready to help you. 

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