To what extent do SMPO Disposable Vape Products excel above their competition?

It's common knowledge that vaping experiences may vary greatly depending on the vapes used by each partner. Don't forget to check out SMPO's disposable vape devices and all the advantages they provide! SMPO's disposable vapes stand out for their mesh coil construction.

Mesh coil vape products from SMPO and their advantages

Products with mesh coils for vaping are becoming in popularity and for good reason. Better taste, longer lifetime, and more vapor production are just some of the advantages these coils have over their competition.

First, the taste is much enhanced by using mesh coils instead of regular coils. This is because more e-liquid will contact their bigger surface area. This creates a deeper, more robust taste.

Second, mesh coils have a longer lifespan than ordinary coils. This is because they are constructed with more durable materials and provide less resistance.

Finally, the vapor production of mesh coils is higher than that of regular coils. This is because they have a greater surface area to volume ratio, which means they heat up more quickly and release more vapor.

Disposable e-cigarette SMPO, Just Released

Some consumers are ecstatic about the new arrival of the SMPO CP01 disposable vape, a mesh coil vape that promises an exceptional taste with every drag.


Because of all the advantages, SMPO mesh coil vape devices are quickly rising in popularity. When compared to standard coils, the flavor produced by them is far more satisfying and they last much longer. Mesh coils also generate less trash and seldom lead to dry hits.


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