Since its establishment in 2016, SMPO has been committed to developing high-quality vape devices to meet the diverse vaping needs of users. In 2022, SMPO will launch a variety of disposable vape devices, including SMPO MAX for big vape lovers, SMPO OLA with convenient and good taste, revolutionary disposable tank SMPO UNI, and sun-ohm as the main feature The DL series. SMPO DL03 is the latest sub-ohm disposable vape of DL series. The difference between SMPO DL03 and the first two products of DL series is that DL03 uses an external 18650 battery as energy source. DL03 is also a high power DL disposable vape. I was really impressed with DL03. Let’s see if the DL03 lives up to its predecessors.



  • Capacity: 15ml
  • Wattage: 20W
  • Battery: 18650(Not included)
  • Nicotine: 1%
  • Resistance: 0.6Ω Mesh coil
  • Dimensions: 108*50*29mm



SMPO DL03 is a large capacity disposable vape with a 18650 battery. Although it looks very light and compact, it has a large capacity of 15ml. The textured plastic case feels very good in the hand. There is a lanyard design on the side, very portable. The bottom of the DL03 has an adjustable air hole. When you close the air hole completely, the device cannot be vaped.



SMPO DL03 is available in 7 flavors, which are: Mango juice, Strawberry ice cream, Lemon candy,  Mix berries, Strawberry kiwi, Cranberry grape, Watermelon ice. I love most of the flavors of this product and here is my review on them.


Watermelon ice: This juice blends the sweetness of ripe watermelon with the freshness of ice. It is one of my favorite watermelon juices.

Lemon candy: With lemon aromas blended in, this flavor feels both sweet and fresh.

Strawberry ice cream: A perfectly balanced strawberry flavor with a touch of menthol, and a pleasing creaminess on exhale.

Mix berries: When you vape, you feel like you are being hit with a hammer, whereas when you vape, you feel like you are spring cleaning.

Mango juice: It has a sweet, mouthwatering aftertaste of juiciness and coolness.

Cranberry Grape: After the initial cranberry taste, you are greeted with a grape aftertaste. With each puff, you get a long-lasting sweet and pleasant feeling.

Strawberry kiwi: As you exhale, the flavors of strawberry and kiwi fill your mouth.


The SMPO DL03 disposable vape is also a simple but powerful disposable vape. Thanks to its ultra-low resistance of 0.6Ω, it delivers soft and wonderful DL vaping. But SMPO has always believed in "flavor first", and so does the SMPO DL03. The DL03 uses a mesh coil to ensure the soft and smooth DL atomization while taking into account the rich and wonderful taste. In addition, thanks to the SMPO DL03 intelligent internal structure and pre-filled cotton coil design, DL03 from the source to eliminate the possibility of oil leakage, greatly enhancing the vaping experience.



I think the DL03 is one of the few sub-ohm disposable vapes on the market. It's soft on the mouthfeel, even better than some high powered box mods. The 15ml large capacity of DL03 not only ensures long-time vaping, but also is very convenient to some extent. If you want to try a DL vaping device, but feel that the box mod needs to be refilled repeatedly and cleaning the tank is a hassle, I highly recommend you to try the SMPO DL03.




Nice flavors

Efficient power with 18650 battery

15ml capacity

Long-lasting performance



Can't see the level of e-liquid

Need backup battery

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