SMPO MESH disposable vape review

SMPO MESH disposable vape review

Introduction and Specification

SMPO MESH is one of latest upgraded disposable vapes launched by SMPO. SMPO is a vape brand that focuses on pod vape research and development established in 2016. They emphasize the life style on their product series with the wish of people lived with happiness and health. And frankly to say, the vape products from SMPO are really not left of aesthetic, convenient and quality. And here, let me introduce this brand new and upgraded disposable vape, SMPO MESH.

SMPO MESH was claimed as a refillable DL disposable vape. It features refilling, recharging and airflow adjustment. SMPO MESH is definitely make a breakthrough in the area of disposable vape, it is not for one time use anymore. My interest on this product is getting stronger due to it's unique and different from most of competitors on the market. But what confuse me firstly is why regard SMPO MESH as disposable even refilling is available? And I was told that because the cartridge is solid connected with the mod, when the pod lifespan was ended, the whole kit could be thrown away directly, so it is also called "semi-disposable", which means it is between open pod kit and disposable vape. And more importantly, SMPO MESH is affordable and convenient as disposable, if you paid the same money to buy those disposable vape, obviously you can try multiple features from SMPO MESH. Just let me show you more highlights and information about this brand new disposable vape.


measures Φ20.5 * 120.4 mm
Wattage output 20W DTL
Resistance 0.6Ω
Built-in battery 900mAh
Charging Type-C
Material: stainless steel pipe + PCTG
E-liquid capacity 5 ml

Design and Build Quality

SMPO MESH designed as round stick and only measures at Φ20.5 * 120.4 mm, neatly fit your hand,and perfect for your pocket on the go. It comes with 7 colors options and built -in quality design constructed with baking rubber finishing. I love how SMPO MESH disposable vape looks, it is stylish and I feel myself being younger and energetic when I am taking it. The pod is solid connecting with the mod, which is not removable, and top side filling is there for convenient refill, also ensures anti-leaking performance. The cartridge is adopted with mesh coil, the type the mesh coil disposable vape always help e-liquid much fully vaporization, to deliver massive and denser clouds. Moreover I love its lifespan, it allows me to refill 4 times and the coil is still works well, but also I have to admit that the flavor of the last pod is not as strong as the beginning, but it wouldn't be an issue for me, because this is the normal issue happened to all vape device.

SMPO MESH is built-in 1000mAh battery rated with Type-C charging, only 40 mins could be fully charged. Actually I am not a fan of rechargeable when use a disposable, but here it is also reasonable due to SMPO MESH features 20W large output, I was definitely surprise when I see the massive vapor produced, and get more gentle throat hit, especially I am totally a cloud chaser. What's more, there are two airflows are adjustable being constructed with a slide switch located on the mod panel. Vapers can try the tighter draw or smoother draw by changing the direction of the switch, and you just choose the way you prefer. In addiction, the another highlight about SMPO MESH is the airflow system is safer without passing through the battery, like what SMPO official claimed, to bring health, safe and happy lifestyle is the reason and mission why they make such an upgraded detail.


Getting Started

SMPO MESH is a typically round pen style vape device that super easy to use. Unlike most of disposable vapes on the market, E-liquid here need to be filled-in manually into SMPO MESH pod. I am totally love large filling hole here that makes refilling as a breeze. There is no need the fire button to start up, beside the airflow switch, draw activation can finish everything. The dense vapor, impressive flavor, and nice throat hit with 0.6Ω resistance all could be experienced once you get on vaping. SMPO MESH still features what a disposable mostly should have been that is not left of convenient, simple, and nice price.

In my point of view, it is definitely a good idea to make the refillable pod solid connecting with the battery mod, it is far more affordable compare to a refillable pod kit, yet features more than a disposable. SMPO MESH just between refillable and disposable, absolutely "semi disposable" this kind of product is brand new on the market. Though SMPO MESH still need sometime to wait for the verification from the market and consumer, but we all can't not judge that it won't be the next trending, of course, I strong hopefully it will, because I tried it, and I know that how awesome it is!



Flavor, of course is the priority thing that vapers always care about the most. Since we all know that the vapes have developed to a very mature stage, there is no lack of good vape devices that deliver classic flavor. And so luckily, SMPO MESH didn't let me down. I think the mesh coil here helps a lot for its top-notch flavor delivery. SMPO MESH disposable vape is adopted with 0.6ohm resistance and for DL vape available. I am used to fill in 70/30 e-liquid and nic-salt 50/50, of course the concentrate flavor is there, but I have to say 70/30 coupled with 0.6ohm is the best for me. I was enjoy with the more gentle throat hit and denser cloud and impressive flavor.

SMPO MESH semi disposable transfer powerful output driven by 20 wattage, there is very super massive vapor produced, I am so enjoy with the clouds. The vapor performance not only let the disposable far behind, also completely at the level of pod mod.

In terms of the slide switch for airflow changing just help me a lot, due to I am not the kind of users only focus one vaping method. The left side of slide switch is for smoother vaping, and right side means tighter draw is available. I would say the quality of slide switch impressed me. It is so flexible that easy to push, and durable instead easy broken. Back to the airflow performance, both classic or smoother are classic and easy get you trapped into it. Though there are still differences between them. Tighter draw gets stronger throat hit and warmer vapor, yet the larger airflow comes with smoother throat hit and denser clouds.

Safer airflow system

Furthermore what I would like to emphasize here is the safer airflow system without passing through the battery, but why it is a benefit for a disposable vape? Firstly as we all know that airflows of most of disposables on the market was start from the bottom and go straight to the mouthpiece, so definitely the airflow will pass through the battery. In this way, more harmful gas will be released and will be inhaled when you vape. So the airflow of SMPO MESH was located above the battery to avoid such issue, providing a safer vaping experience.


Overall, SMPO MESH is one of the most powerful disposable vapes that I have ever tried. Whenever we are looking for a disposable vape, there are some factors that we will consider about, nice price, more puffs, longer duration and convenience. For me, besides refillable feature is a little bit more surprised me from a disposable, and still SMPO MESH is absolutely my another solid choice!




































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