How to Change Vape Juice

How to Change Vape Juice

One of the great things about vape is that you can taste many different flavors of vape juice. Although people use e-cigarettes for a variety of reasons, most people agree that the taste of vape juice is important. However, there is a problem that is not often mentioned in daily vaping is that when you switch different flavors of e-juice in the same tank, you can always taste the aftertaste left by the previous flavor.

To keep your e-cigarette at its best state and taste, you need to maintain it regularly. This means you need to clean your device before changing the vape juice. Doing this can help you avoid strange taste when vaping. After all, if your vape juice tastes weird, the joy of vaping is greatly diminished. Here are some tips to help change your vaping experience for the better. 


  • Clean the Tank

Before switching to a different flavor of e-juice, you need to clean your tank thoroughly. First, you need to remove the tank from the battery and dump the old e-juice. Remember to take out the atomizer or coil together.

Next, clean up any remaining vape juice on the inside of the tank. High VG vape juice is usually more viscous and will take you more time to clean up.

Finally, rinse the inside of your tank with plenty of water until it is completely clean. You can also soak your tank in alcohol before rinsing with water, which will deeply clean your tank.


  • Clean or Change the Coil

Just cleaning the tank is not enough to completely eliminate the smell of e-juice, you also need to clean or replace your coil according to the actual situation. Although it is not necessary to replace a new vape coil every time you change a different flavor of vape juice, when your coil has a problem that cannot be solved by cleaning, you need to replace it with a new vape coil to ensure that your vaping has been maintained in the best condition.

If your coil has became dark, or if there is a burnt taste when you vape, it's time to change a new coil. If you vape frequently, you will need to replace the coil with a new one every 2 weeks. Wiping down your vape coil can prolong its life properly, while also keeping your vaping from changing its taste after a long-last vaping. After you change a different flavor of e-juice, the following cleaning steps can help you get rid of the original vape juice flavor from the coil.

First, you need to separate the coil from your vape device and wipe the vape juice off the surface of the coil.

Next, you can soak the coil in water or alcohol and place it for a while, so that the residue left by the vape juice on the coil leaves the coil.

Finally, rinse the vape coil with plenty of water. This way you get a clean coil and no worries of an aftertaste of vape juice.


  • Refill Your Device

Refilling your tank with vape juice is very simple. Now that you've cleaned your tank and vape coil, it's time to refill it. Below are the simple steps to refill vape juice.

First, you'll need to open the rubber stopper on your tank to expose the oil filler hole for you to fill.

Next, tilt the tank and slowly pour the vape juice through the oiling hole. You need to inject the e-juice slowly to prevent bubbles from forming.

Finally, after the oil filling is complete, put the rubber plug over the oil filling hole to make sure your tank is completely sealed. You need to wait a while for the small air bubbles to disappear and allow the coil to fully soak the e-juice before vaping.


Overall, proper and regular maintenance is the best way to make sure your e-cigarette works well and tastes greatly. Following the three steps listed above will help you to change your vape juice without worrying about the aftertaste, giving you the best vaping experience.

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