Modern and Convenient Vape Pod Kit In SMPO

The SMPO vape kit has always been the star product here. The vape kit contains all the parts that make the vape work smoothly, not only to familiarize the vape novice with the vape but also to improve the convenience of use for the non-novice group. The following will introduce one of SMPO's best-selling vape kits, the YOOFUN vape kit, to demonstrate SMPO's innovation in vape kits.

Exactly what does the vape pod kit include?

One of the most recent developments in the world of electronic cigarettes is the vape pod kit, which aims to be both compact and user-friendly. The YOOFUN vape kit contains the vape body, two pods, a mod, a USB charging cable, a lanyard, and a warranty card.

It is worth mentioning that the shape design of YOOFUN is very ethnic. Its pattern series is based on the theme of ancient Chinese mythical creatures, which is very atmospheric and beautiful.


Explain the advantages of utilizing a YOOFUN vape kit.

  1. A 1.5A charger for Type-C devices is available to allay "low battery anxiety." In only 40 minutes, return to work with a 100% effective vape. Powered by a built-in 800mAh battery, extending the duration of the e-cigarette and providing additional power.
  2. Smart Coil Recognition: This kit's two MTL and RDL pods work together to function. When connecting the pod to the battery, the proper power range is automatically configured to guard against dry heating.
  3. Better taste: 12W/1.1Ω is ideal for Nic-salt, while 1.1Ω is matched with (50 VG: 50PG) e-liquid, and 0.8Ω is matched with (70VG: 30PG) e-liquid.
  4. Upgraded Dual Coils: The e-liquid is completely evaporated thanks to the dual  coil heating, which produces more vapor in less time. When combined with the distinctive L-airway, this allows for the cleanest taste to be achieved.

SMPO's vaping kits are a good fit for any dealer's inventory.

Each of our vape starter kits has been developed with the vaping novice in mind. They're also fantastic for seasoned vapers looking for a portable device without sacrificing performance. There will be a great demand for the SMPO, allowing the dealer to make a lot of sales.



The Vape Pod Kit is cutting-edge vaping equipment that provides partners with a discrete and hassle-free method of indulging in their e-juice of choice.

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