SMPO Expands Flavor with SMPO VALI

The company is expanding its line of flavors and adding a new product, SMPO VALI. This new product has been produced with the same high-quality materials as all other SMPO products to provide partners with a premium disposable flavored vape that is affordable and partner-friendly.

What is SMPO?

SMPO is a vape brand under Shenzhen Yuezhitu Trading Co., Ltd. Since its establishment in 2016, SMPO has been committed to creating high-quality electronic cigarette equipment, with a simple and elegant design, and the ultimate in simplicity.

How Does the SMPO VALI Stand Out?

SMPO flavor disposable vapes focus on flavor upgrades. Disposable vapes have a built-in atomizer, and after atomization, the e-liquid becomes a nicotine-screaming mist. Disposable features allow users to worry about refilling. Taking SMPO VALI as an example, there are as many as a dozen flavors of e-liquid, mainly fruit flavors, with freshness and smoothness. In addition, you can also choose a cola flavor, this flavor is also unique.

Why Consider SMPO as a Partner?

Focused on delivering innovative, premium flavors to its e-cigarette range, SMPO has expanded its flavor range with new flavors. The company has now added Sweet & Sour, Peach, Strawberry, and Grape to its range of flavors.

"The addition of these new flavors expands the flavors we offer our novice partners," commented the SMPO product website. "SMPO is committed to providing high-quality flavors that appeal to the novice audience."

SMPO's Flavor Technology team has worked extensively to develop these unique flavors. Distributors can easily add them to the promotion of existing products and expect them to perform well among young people.


SMPO focuses on product upgrades and provides partners with continuously upgraded product advantages. It is very dedicated and is a disposable vape brand with great development potential.

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