SMPO OLA Pod & Vaporesso XROS Pod

SMPO OLA Pod & Vaporesso XROS Pod

Arguably one of the most popular of Vaporesso's pod kits, the XROS series meets the needs of many vapers looking for quick nicotine hits and those who are tired of changing coils for convenience. The SMPO OLA disposable pod kit launched by SMPO has been widely praised as soon as it is launched. Some users already know that the SMPO OLA Pod can be adapted to all Vaporesso XROS products. If you already own any XROS product, you can choose to purchase the SMPO OLA Pod as a supplement to daily vaping. But many people still don't know what is the difference between SMPO OLA Pod and Vaporesso XROS Pod, and how to choose. This article will briefly introduce the difference between OLA Pod and XROS Pod, so that users can choose the most suitable product.


The SMPO OLA Pod is a pre-filled disposable pod available in 8 flavors: Pink lemonade, Purple grape, Red energy, Double apple, Watermelon peach, Blue razz lemonade, Mango ice and Strawberry cheese cake. The OLA Pod has only one specification of 1.2Ω resistance, which can deliver a tight MTL vaping. OLA Pod adopts the design of mesh coil, which can better deliver the wonderful flavor. In addition, the design of the pre-filled cotton coil and the delicate internal structure make the OLA Pod to say goodbye to oil leakage and bring better vaping experience.


Dimension: 47.5*23*14mm

Resistance: 1.2Ω

Capacity: 2ml

Best Wattage:10w

Nicotine: 2%

Price: $8.99 (3 pods)


  • Vaporesso XROS Pod

Vaporesso XROS Pod is a refillable pod, you can choose the appropriate vape juice to fill according to your preference. XROS Pod has 4 different specifications of resistance to choose from, namely 0.7Ω, 0.8Ω, 1.0Ω and 1.2Ω, which can bring users a variety of taste choices from loose MTL to tight MTL vaping. Except for the 0.7Ω XROS Pod, which is filled from the side, the XROS Pods of other specifications use the top filling to prevent mess.


Dimension: 47.5*23*14mm

Resistance:  0.7Ω, 0.8Ω, 1.0Ω and 1.2Ω

Capacity: 3ml(0.7Ω)/2ml

Best Wattage:18w/16w/12/10w

Price: $12.9 (4 pods)


Compared with the XROS Pod, the SMPO OLA Pod as a disposable pod is undoubtedly more cost-effective. The design of pre-filling vape juice allows users to avoid the trouble of repeating filling, and the 2% nic-salt provided by OLA Pod can also bring the perfect nicotine hit. The 1.2Ω resistance brings a tight draw, which is a perfect alternative for ex-smokers. In addition, the 8 flavors offered by the OLA Pod are all rich and wonderful, in line with the taste preferences of most vapers.

While the XROS Pod can provide vapers with a more diverse MTL vaping experience. If you are already an experienced user of electronic cigarettes and already have many flavors of vape juice, then XROS Pod will be a good choice. All in all, both SMPO OLA Pod and Vaporesso XROS Pod are excellent pod products. You can choose the most suitable product according to your needs.

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