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Vape Pod System

SMPO OLA Disposable Pod Kit

SMPO OLA Disposable Pod Kit

The SMPO OLA disposable pod kit with 2ml pre-filled e-juice is a disposable rechargeable vape and a mesh coil disposable vape that can charge with a type-c cable.

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SMPO OLA disposable rechargeable vape brings vapers a leading vaping experience. There is no more leaking with the advanced pre-filled cotton coil pod. As a mesh coil disposable vape, SMPO OLA is a super cost-effective disposable pod kit for its mesh coil cools puffs and luscious taste. Eight flavors are available to satisfy vapers’ flavors demands. For example, 2ml pre-filled e-juice in SMPO OLA disposable pod kit and 400mAh built-in battery with type-c charging allow a pleasant full-day vaping experience. SMPO OLA, with a portable design, is the perfect choice for disposable rechargeable vape wholesale.


1. Cost-effective disposable pod kit

2. 8 flavors available

3. Mesh coil for best flavor

4. Prefilled cotton coil for anti-leaking


1. Dimensions: 100.2mm*23.4mm*13.4mm
2. Battery capacity: 380mAh
3. E-liquid capacity: 2ml
4. Nicotine: 2%
5. Resistance: 1.2Ω


Purple grape; Mango Ice; Red Energy; Double Apple; Pink Lemonade; Watermelon Peach; Blue Razz Lemonade; Strawberry Cheese Cake.