What Does Puffs Mean in Vape?

What Does Puffs Mean in Vape?


For those newbies into the world of vaping, the terms can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing. One term that most frequently arises in questions about vaping is what does “puffs” meaning in vape? In this blog, we'll unravel the mystery behind the puffs meaning in vape, explore the innovative SMPO disposable vape product series that comes in different puffs capacity, and delve into the routine of how to make disposable vape wholesale to SMPO.


Puffs Meaning in Vape: Make it clear the Basics

In the realm of vaping, a "puff" refers to a single draw or inhalation  taken from a vape device. The number of puffs can different according to the various type of vape device, e-liquid capacity, and personal vaping habits. It's an essential factor for vapers to know how long their device will last before needing a replacement, recharge or refill. 


But today, an interesting fact is that with the increasing popularity of disposable vape and more than 50% market share in many markets compared to other types of e-cigarette devices, puffs has gradually become the most representative word for disposable vape. One of the biggest concerns when people buy disposable vapes is how many puffs there are, and, when people talk about the number of puffs, they must also be talking about disposable vape. 


SMPO Disposable Vape: Different puffs in different series

When it comes to disposable vapes, SMPO is a brand that stands out. The SMPO disposable vape line features three different series, each catering to various vaper preferences and vaping styles.


SMPO OLA Disposable Vape Series: MTL vaping with Huge Puffs

SMPO OLA series vape products are offering very satisfying Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) experience, the SMPO OLA series is designed for those who appreciate a more restricted draw, more of a classic cigarette-like draw experience. With choices like SMPO OLASMPO OLA5000 and SMPO OLA12000, these disposables vapes deliver substantial puffs, the number attach on the product name means the puffs in the vape device. Such disposable vape is making them ultra popular, especially in markets like the Philippines.


SMPO DL Disposable Vape Series: Dense Clouds for Shisha-Like Performance

SMPO DL01, SMPO DL02, SMPO DL03 SHISIA disposable vapes are belong to the SMPO DL disposable vape series, or Direct-to-Lung, is priority for vapers who enjoy powerful outputs and massive clouds chasing of shisha. With simple sleek designs and powerful performance, these disposable vapes allows people to have a unique vaping experience. With DL series, the puffs will be sacrificed due to more power output in each puff inhale, yet people usually could accept such sacrifice to have the immersive amazing vaping experience.



SMPO CP Disposable Vape Series: Changeable Pods for Versatility

There are SMPO CP01, CP02 in the CP series. The CP series was introduced as changeable pods, providing choices in different pre-filled flavorful pod. SMPO CP01 and CP02 comes different design, CP01 is in sleek design and CP02 comes with square mod, but both of them are very light for on the go and easy to use. They comply with the same pod, by rotating the pod, users can switch between a cigarette-type vaping and a Restricted Direct-to-Lung (RDL) draw. With MTL draw vaping, people will get much more puffs, and less in RDL draw vape. With eight prefilled flavors, including Mix Berries, Straw-Lush Gum, and Mango Ice, the CP01 and SMPO CP02 caters to diverse taste-bud boosting preferences. 

Disposable Vape Wholesale: A Smart Choice for Your Businesses

For people looking to explore a variety of disposable vape options, disposable vape wholesale is a perfect choice. It allows businesses to access a broad selection of high-quality products, such as the innovative SMPO disposable vape line, at competitive prices. In this way, SMPO could help businesses to win success on the market, especially there are different types of disposable vape to cater to different consumer preferences.

Discover the Superiority of SMPO Disposable Vapes

In conclusion, understanding the puffs meaning in vape is important for vapers to choose their devices effectively. When it comes to puffs, people is talking about disposable vapes. And in terms of disposable vapes, SMPO leads the way with its OLA, DL, and CP series, offering a range of experiences to satisfy every preference. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or a newbie just starting your vape journey, choose SMPO for amazing convenience, quality, and taste-bud boosting. Dive into the world of SMPO disposable vapes today and elevate your vaping experience.

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