What Is the Best Disposable Vape and How to Use It?

What Is the Best Disposable Vape and How to Use It?

Disposable vapes are mostly pre-filled e-cigarettes that are easy to use. They are the perfect choices for e-cigarette enthusiasts who want lightweight and simple vapes. If you recently want to invest in disposable vapes, it is vital to understand which the best disposable vape is. There are types of disposable vapes for your reference. 

5 Main Types of Disposable Vapes 

The following are some popular vapes at SMPO, and we’ll introduce how to use disposable vapes. 


  1. Non-RechargeableDisposable Vapes 

Non-rechargeable disposable vapes are one of the best disposable vapes as they are convenient and easy to carry. These vapes are non-rechargeable, so once the e-juice runs out or the battery dies, they should be thrown away. And one of the most recommended products is SMPO Vali, which has the following merits:

  • The e-juice is topped with 2% nicotine to ensure a smooth and unique vaping experience.
  • Easy to carry around with a portable design. 
  • Around 600 puffs at a very affordable price.
  • Customization is available. 


Vaping Tutorial: Open the box, and users can start vaping immediately. 


  1. RechargeableDisposable Vapes 

Rechargeable disposable vapes have a larger battery capacity and can be charged whenever the battery runs out. Therefore, they are the value of cost, and many people choose them as the best disposable vapes. SMPO MAX is a super performer from us that will be one of the best vapes in 2023. It has the following advantages that make them turn out to be the best disposable vape:

  • The advanced “press before vape” technology guarantees ultra-flavor delivery because the dual coil will not touch the e-juicebefore the first puff. 
  • With a 25W powerful output and 1000mAh battery, this best disposable vape ensures users are always on the cloud. 
  • The advanced product brings out the soft taste of 12ml e-liquid and lets it linger in users’ mouths for a long time. 
  • Unique dual coil for ultra-flavor delivery.
  • 6Ω RDL vaping experience will ensure users get a smooth and strong flavor for each puff. 
  • Users will enjoy the extra soft and fresh flavor. 


Vaping Tutorial: It is a draw-activated vape that will provide vapor as quickly as users inhale on the mouthpiece of the vape.  


  1. RefillableDisposable Vapes

Keeping in mind the need of our esteemed customers, we have introduced the refillable disposable vape for a longer and more ecstatic vaping performance. As the name suggests, users can refill and eject the e-liquid into the cartridge again when the e-juice is used. And SMPO Mesh is our gift for the best disposable vape pen lovers with the following merits. 


  • With the super performance this best disposable vape pen provides, users can elongate their vaping pleasure. 
  • This disposable pen is equipped with a 20W battery and a refillable cartridge of 5 ml capacity to extend the vaping experience. 
  • The airflow is adjustable from MTL to RDL for a richer and smoother vaping experience. 
  • This best disposable vape can be refillable with multiple flavors.


Vaping Tutorial: Using SMPO Mesh is quite easy. Just open the box, inject the oil and start vaping. 


  1. DisposableVapes with Replaceable Cartridges 

Disposable vapes with replaceable cartridges aim to take vaping to a new level, as users can replace pre-filled cartridges and reuse vapes for a longer time. And SMPO OLA is one of the best disposable vapes that combines delicacy with functionality. 

  • It has a swanky look and is easy to carry. 
  • This replaceable cartridge vape has a mesh coil for the best flavor.
  • Users will get an array of 8 varieties of juices to satiate their desires. 
  • The 2ml pre-filled e-juice ensures you can vape the whole day. 
  • Pre-filled cotton coil for anti-leaking.


Vaping Tutorial: Open the pack, and this best disposable vape is ready-to-use. 



  1. DisposableVapes with Airflow Adjustment

Disposable vapes with adjustable vaping methods give users the best flexibility. It is regarded as the best disposable vape since it blends advanced technology with the performance of traditional disposable vapes. And SMPO CP01 and CP02, newly launched disposable vapes, have been highly acclaimed since their introduction.

  • This adjustable vape can help users enjoy the purest flavors unhindered the way.
  • The new arrival is a pre-filled vape that can control the airflow by rotating the pod between MTL or RDL.                           
  • This new type comes withmain designs, allowing users to choose the best style. 
  • 750mAh large battery capacity and Type-C charging bring users a longer vaping experience.
  • Hanging a lanyard on the side will make disposable vape more fashionable. 
  • The unique side design makes it very easy to grip and carry.
  • 10ml e-liquid disposable pod is replaced to boost users’ flavors.
  • Mesh coil ensures a silky mouthfeel.
  • Anti-leaking design guarantees the best user experience.  


Vaping Tutorial: Open the box, insert the pod into the mod, and ready-to-use.


SMPO: Your Reliable Supplier for Best Disposable Vapes

Besides the disposable vapes mentioned above, SMPO has other vapes suitable for different vapers. Since its inception, SMPO has always kept customer satisfaction as our primary goal. Therefore, our disposable vapes are economic, convenient, and functional. Therefore, they are recognized as the best disposable vapes worldwide. Visit our site, and the variety of vaping devices will enthrall you. 

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