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The biggest difference between SMPO CP02 and SMPO CP01 is in appearance. The metal shell of the disposable vape pod kit SMPO CP02 can prevent fingerprints from sticking. At the same time, a lanyard can be hung on the side for easy carrying. Long-lasting disposable vapes typically have longer battery life and produce more vapor. As a long-lasting disposable vape, SMPO CP02's large-capacity pod and large battery can satisfy your long-term vaping.

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SMPO CP02 is the latest disposable pod kit of the CP series. The metal shell of the vape kit SMPO CP02 is very textured, and the side can be hung with a lanyard, making it easy to carry around. The ingenious airway design of a 2% nicotine disposable CP Pod can easily adjust MTL and RDL by rotating the pod. Long-lasting disposable vape SMPO CP02 is also suitable for 10ml large capacity CP Pods and 750mAh large battery to satisfy your long-lasting vaping. The mesh coil is designed to release the purest flavors of vape juice. Meanwhile, prefilled cotton coil pod makes an effort to minimize the leakage and brings high-quality disposable vape vaping. We offer 8 delicious CP Pod flavors to meet every individual's tastes.


• 15W impressive output

• Change the pod for MTL to RDL

• Same pod for two different product design

• Mesh coil for pure flavor

• Prefilled cotton coil for anti leaking

• 10ml e-liquid capacity


Dimensions: 49.3*28.2*75.6mm

Battery capacity:750mAh

E-liquid capacity:10ml

Wattage output:15W

Nicotine Level: 2%


Mix berries; Straw-lush gum; Grape jelly; Lemon candy; Strawberry ice cream; Tropical mix; Mango ice; Cranberry grapes