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Vape Pod System

SMPO Yoofun

SMPO Yoofun

Yoofun is a refillable vape cartridge from SMPO dual coil vape pod system, nine exquisite-looking dual coil vapes are very popular.

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Refillable vape cartridge


1x MTL 1.1ohm POD(black)
1x MTL 0.8ohm POD(blue)
1x Type-C usb cable
1x User manual
1x Warranty card
1x Lanyard

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YOOFUN is a refillable pod kit with various exquisite-looking dual coil vapes for selection to develop a great vaping experience. There is a filling hole located in each YOOFUN vape, containing 1.8ml e-liquid. The top cap could especially protect YOOFUN mouthpiece from any dirty effectively. Featuring a compact design and being covered by the IML technic, YOOFUN becomes a beautiful dual-coil vape device. 12 colors for refillable pod kit wholesale to choose from, chestnut, inky, viridian, Lion, Omar, Ya Zi, Chao Feng, Pu Lao, Bi Xi, Bi An, Fu Xi, and Chi Wen. A smart refillable vape kit wholesale choice for dealers.


1. Two pods switching easily under smart coil recognition.

2. Rich flavor and clouddelivered shortly by dual coil heating.

3. Impressive throat hit created by unique L-airway.

4. Leakage free structure keep pods dry and clean.

5. 800mah battery and 40mins fast charging 5A/type-Ccharger

6. Button or draw activate satisfied


1. Dimensions: 45mm*17mm*82.5mm

2. Battery Capacity: 800mAh

3. Charging Current: 1.5 A (fast charging)

4. Pod Capacity: 1.8ml

5. Power Output: 12W/15W

6. Resistance: 1.1Ω/0.8Ω

7. Pod Material: PCTG


Omar; Yazi; Chaofeng; Pulao; Lion; Bixi; Bian; Fuxi; Chiwen; Chestnut; Inky; Viridian